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The Mayor's Convictions

"Stanton, a Providence Journal reporter who was part of an investigative team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 1994, seems neither to like nor admire Cianci. His Buddy is, at root, a scoundrel. Worse, we are led to believe that Cianci may have raped a woman at gunpoint in 1966, when he was a law student at Marquette University in Milwaukee. After bringing a criminal complaint, the woman withdrew it. Cianci later paid her $3,000 ”to settle the matter civilly.”

What are your thoughts?  Iiii think there’s a reason he’s playing AIR guitar…

This is part of a larger conversation on gender issues that needs to be had as a society.  On a spiritual level, love is something that knows no bounds…  Especially gender.  So why is it that males in our society are made to feel as though they less for expressing something as eternally awesome love for another human being, or at the very least, why is it that they fear that type of a societal reaction?  What prompts that fear, where does it come from and how did it even come to be something that is feared??

It is very clear that younger generations are starting to accept trends that ignore traditional bigotries.  (HORAAAAAY!)
Maybe it’s still possible to have reflective conversations, in a kind enough way, to reverse the false stigmas that have alienated previous american generations into thinking things like “It’s not acceptable for a man to express his love for another male”.

Aren’t we all tired of being made to feel weird, simply for having the thoughts and feelings that go along with being the incredible, radiant, spiritually-comprised, interstellar beings that we are??

This nonsense is over.  We’re free now!  If anyone give you a hard time for expressing how you feel or expressing who you are…  Give them a hug and tell them that you love them!

I love you,

Yes We Can. But Should We?


The Noble Reign Of Music's Prince

You will eventually be able to stream this online.  I recommend it if you are interested in transcendence. 


Prince had TEN platinum albums…  That’s more than the amount of years The Beatles recorded records.

Prince.  New Album.

In case you forgot.

Truth, Anal Sex & Duncan Trussell

Happy Monday

“The record’s called Tyranny, and that’s sort of what it’s about. Rapacious oil companies and a not-so-free press and environmental depredation. Money. Health care. Nightmares. The moon. “It’s not very sexy to talk about these things, especially in a place like America, where things are, like, the best. But it just feels like we’re inside that Versailles bubble, you know?”

—   Julian Casablancas on his new album with The Voids


"My singing… i’ll just say it simple as possible: it’s just godly."
- Michael Jackson in January 1980

Watch this never before “seen” interview with Michael (and Janet) Jackson here:

(via nprmusic)

Here’s Taylor Swift’s isolated vocal track from last night’s VMAs

We’re all the same.  I live, work, party, dream, dance, fight and love in Providence with some of the greatest musicians I have ever know.  Here’s proof that we’re all the same.  Now that we all know it… come hang out Taylor!  I’m sure we’ll be having an open mic, jam or hootenanny on the West End some time soon.  We’re fun people and love collaboration.  The table’s always open for a fun-loving do-er and besides… we’re all neighbors now!

Not even kidding.  Not even one bit.  Shout outs by the way for coming to Hasbro to surprise some lovely children.  Anyway, come by!  Hit me up!  First, Gansette, PBR or High Life’s on us.